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[QUOTE=JBL930;6415204]The yellow relay is a square one in the back of the car, under the cover on the left hand side of the engine bay. The relays under the front should be red and black, and to be honest i'm not sure what the difference is between these, i think they're interchangeable. It's worth removing relays and cleaning the connections and ensuring a good contact etc.....[QUOTE]

Hey Jonnathon, it wasn't too long ago that this topic came up. Go here for the absolute undisputed truth on red vs. black relays (undisputed until someone else disputes it, that seems that nothing is absolute with these cars)!
Substitute 'Black' relay for a 'RED' Fuel pump relay? Car running like normal 911...

Pete, you likely have a gremlin that has stowed away since your car left the Mother Land, waiting 26 years to place a curse on your ride. If you haven't already, then tune the thing up...just basic stuff like new plugs and fuel filter and air filter, cap and rotor, check security of vacuum and air intake hoses, check the ignition timing at idle and 4000 rpms per the book, and if you have the gauges check the control pressures to make sure your WUR is working and your mixture is OK. And pull your two fuel pump relays up front and clean the contacts thoroughly. The worse thing that can happen is you'll do all that recommended crap and she'll run like a top....without ever finding just exactly what the culprit was. Sooner or later, piece by piece, you'll eventually have an Ah-Ha! moment. It's better than shooting in the dark.

I suppose it's possible for your overboost protection circuits to be creating your symptoms, but your words "hessitating a bit" are contradictory to the violent complete fuel system shutdown when overboost relays and/or sensors kick in. Heck, you might just have a loose plug wire for all we know. You don't have to be a mechanic to work on these cars; just have to have an open logical mind and no fear of getting dirt under your fingernails.
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