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Thanks for all the love, people! :-)

TurboKraft started making intercoolers after Garrettson's fabricator stopped making the fantastic Garrettson/Andial "Longneck" intercoolers (absolutely fantastic units) and the last of the Kokeln inventory dried up (heavy cast but also very effective). While these were on the market, there was really no need to create another offering.

The decision to make a "Longneck" intercooler was an easy one. Any time you can eliminate the stock boost recirculation valve & housing and convert to the 1991-94 diverter valve (BOV) configuration, it is a benefit to throttle & boost response and therefore driveability. I cordially disagree with Brian statement that there's "no noticeable performance improvements...when replacing my properly functioning 930 BOV with the 965 BOV". Having converted 930s from a Garrettson/Andial bolt-on (shortneck) to a longneck and driven it back-to-back, there's a difference in driveability. It is especially noticeable immediately off idle, like when pulling away from a stop, and when shifting gears at high revs & full boost.

TurboKraft's Longneck Intercooler package includes all the 1991-94 Turbo boost diverter valve components, plus hoses for the aux. air regulator (should you chose to retain it). The outlet to the throttle body is an o-ring seal, same as the factory. A new charge pipe is included, available in 2 lengths: long, for smaller K-27 sized turbos; or short, for larger GT35R and larger turbos.
Standard finish is raw aluminum. Also available full polished or black mil-spec anodized at an additional $200 cost.
You can retain the stock rear wiper assembly.

No, we have not made a replacement shroud for the rear wing.
Yet (?)
One of these days in some free time we'll hook up a 930 with a datalogging system and see if one is really needed. My suspicion is the intercooler is already way more than any CIS 930 needs, and there will be marginal gains, if any, from shrouding.

One other note about installation: air filter housing modification.
Our Longneck intercooler requires clearancing the factory metal air filter housing around the throttle body. It's not as drastic as the airbox mod required with a Ruf intercooler; just ~1.5cm in the area near the throttle body.
When we designed our intercooler, we chose to have a full 3.0" diameter outlet on the throttle body side because we have found some intercoolers choke down to clear the stock airbox and this restricts flow (backpressure). Sticking with a 3" outlet -- basically the same as the throttle body OD -- maximizes airflow out of the intercooler and into the throttle body & manifold. Clearancing the airbox about 1.5cm seemed a reasonable compromise.
If you have the plastic aftermarket filter housing, there is no clearance issue.

If that's too much for you, or you don't think you'll experience any gains from converting to a Longneck configuration, then there's 2 options:
* RarlyL8 -- cool funky trapezoidal shape ala factory, should bolt in (we have no installation experience with this item), and available from this forum's host
* B&B -- also a straight-forward bolt-in, available in cast aluminum finish or with black powdercoat, and includes a new shroud for the wing. We've measured a 24rwhp gain with this on a Euro 930 fitted with a K27 and a 1.0bar spring. Also available from TurboKraft.
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