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Shifter Bushing Replacement Tips '83 SC

Replaced my shifter linkage bushings this evening. Figured I would offer up some tips seeing that it seems to be a common job for a lot of folks this winter.

Front (Shifter Lever Coupling and Shifter Rod Bracket) Bushings:

#1 Center counsel removal: Recommend making a small cut in the carpet to expose the rear screw. I ended up fighting with it on removal and cutting the carped to replace the screw when I was done. Getting the screw lined up with the hole with the carpet in the way is next to impossible. Only need about a 1/2" cut in the carpet.

#2 Recommend using a short ended 4mm hex key to get the shift lever coupling set screw out. Cut the key down so you have about a 1/2" after the elbow. Getting the key in the shift lever coupling set screw is very difficult if your hex key is too long.

#3 Cut the old shift rod bushing out of the bracket with a utility knife rather than trying to pry it out.

#4 No advice on getting the new shift rod bushing in. It's a tough fit. I got part of it started and pressed the remainder in with a channel lock pliers. Also pressed the edges in with a screwdriver.

Note: The front two bushings didn't show much if any wear. Not sure when or if they were replaced in the past. The rear (shift rod coupling) bushings were worn. The shift rod connector wobbled in the fitting. My guess is that these bushings are the ones that have the biggest pay off on replacement.

Rear (Shift Rod Coupling) Bushings:

#1 Use a small punch to scribe a mark on the rear shift rod for allignment. I used a punch that is made for finishing nails. Scratch a mark in line with the small teeth on the rear shift rod in between the forward rod coupling clamp down (in the cut out). This gave me a precise mark to go back to (alligned in the clamp down cut out) and to make adjustments from.

#2 My Shift Rod Coupling was on stuck on the rod. I put a vise grips on the rod (to the rear of the coupler) and pried off the coupling by wedging a screwdriver between the vice grips and the coupler.

#3 Using a press to get the pin out of the coupler was too easy. Think it would have been difficult if I would have tried one of the other methods.

Overall the job was fairly easy. 101 and the Bently manual were very helpful.

Hope this is useful to others performing this job.

Good luck,

Don "Gordo" Gordon
'83 911SC Targa
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