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Originally Posted by jbromley View Post
OK, I have some questions about my airbag light and did not want to hijack someone else's post. I'll go through the entire history of what I have done and hopefully someone can help point me in the right direction.

I have a 1999 Boxster.

About two months ago it started "screaming" when I started it. Jost for about a second.

I replaced the belt, it needed it, but it was not the problem.

Then after a lot of searching I replaced the AOS. Thinking the screaming was the hose collapsing. But this was not it either.

So after a post and some help from this forum I settled on the starter.

In the mean time my check engine light came on.

So Yesterday I replaced the starter:
1: disconnected battery
2: removed cold air intake hose
3: removed throttle body
4: replaced starter

While the throttle body was off I noticed a vacuum line from the right side of the intake that went to a "T" that was disconnected. I reconnected it.

Thanks to my 9-year-old helper the battery was disconnected for a sum total of about 1.5 hours.

Now with everything put back together, the scream is gone, the check engine light is gone, but the airbag light is on.

And when I say on, I mean it is on for the self test, goes off for a fraction of a second and the comes on for the rest of the drive.

My questions are:

Cant the Durametric tool help me diagnose this issue?

I was about to buy one for the check engine light anyway, and based on other post on this forum I believe it can help me diagnose and reset if necessary this problem.

Also, is there anything obvious I should check, pinched wires, loose connector? As far as I know I did not do anything with the airbag system and the starter replacement was very cut and dry, no issues or concerns while I was doing it.

Anyway, thanks to Pelican for all of the support, and to the people on this forum for their time. Being a first time Porsche owner I have been out of my comfort zone and this has helped a lot!
The Durametric software will diagnose the problem, and is also the only aftermarket system that can clear the air bag light as well.

It is entirely possible that you triggered the air bag light while doing the repairs; there are several things that can cause this. I would get the Durametric software, diagnose the MIL source and then clear the code(s); I would be willing to bet that the air bag MIL will not come back again..........
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