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Great to hear... now you are talking real Twin scroll setup RarlyL8. That is how it should be!! Every 19 out of 20 suppliers show their true knowledge when mess up the divied pulsing in one common WG piping... and call it twin scroll. Puls energy is lost, and back pressure won again...they only have the bling bling sales text headings left on the price shield.
Every thing must be 100% divided, and using one WG means a WG collector with a collector wall as far as goes up under the WG-valve. However, when on boost, and WG valve is open you still suffer from some backpressure over cam overlab...the size of backpressure depends on WG-valve diameter, angles etc. Two wastegates has the advantage that it holds the back pressure divided ALSO on boost. It does matters on ignition timing and to some extend minor influence on choosing cam/static CR due to cam limitations on duration and thus higher actual dynamic CR from same static CR. The problem is not having the boost the problem/challenge is to get rid of the boost you dont need. Ideal you divide and split your pipe flow angle 50%/50% to turbo and WG. Or primarely to WG secondly to Turbo.

I can ensure you that MasterPower from Brazil, a ISO9001 company (which I happens to be the main distributor of in my country ... now you know where I stand), has a very advanced available programme for small twin scroll application racing turbos (and of course bigger models). It goes down to application with bullseye effeciency arround 280-300hp for the smalles twin Scroll T3 turbo (this one Turbo 150-(300)-480hk Twin Scroll + Antisurge | POWERPAGE if you see brown lines on turbine that is copper grease). I proberly have between 2-5 different twin scroll housings for each turbo. We only carry Twin scroll housing from 300hp and upwards.

Master Power has just released all new racing programme with billet wheels, new innovated journal bearings (yes, ball bearing thanks) AND compressor maps. Very few suppliers has compressor maps on their wheels...why ... because it cost an "irak war" to do the wheel product developements and innovations based on actual mapped flow. Garrett and Borg Warner, turbonetics has it...oh and MP now. Many other $$$ ball/grease bearing turbos dont have it.

I have some drift car teams running on 3rd seson with various MP turbo...2 supras, 2 skylines and 1 BMW all 6 cylinders. None of them changed turbo in any sesons. If any turbo can resist multible and multible hours of drifting years out they can resist anything you through at it. I have not had even one warranty issue, not even from tractor pulling. We also have many interesting "non-official" customer 1:1 comparison on $$$ 58mm, 62mm + .... single scroll ball bearing turbos vs. MP TS. *And gues why MP TS turbo setup get 800-1500 rpm earlier spoolup. It is all physics and development.

Anyway here is my link Turboladere | POWERPAGE with the current turbos (the new line not yet visuable) forget the language .. read the wheel size mm A/R and pictures. The new racing/bearing/billet line is in stock within a month, however all the compressor maps, pictures availble if interested. I can make you a suggested setup on the new MP racing line T3 or T4 twin scroll flange platform from 300-650hp, from hereon +650 hp T4 Twin Scroll flange setup. You will be in for a happy surprice on power, backpressure, spoolup and price. I could also give you some suggestion on second runner pipe diameter after each 3 cyl bank collector. Many forget this last diameter importance on the manifold setup. PM me if interested. Otherwise this is just my 10 cent TS input to consider when doing puls energy and back pressure manifold engineering....and chosing turbo

Anyway, great with finally a true TS manifold with single WG. Looking much forward to see it ... show the WG collector :-)

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