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Guys thanks for your input on this, any and all ideas and observations
on this are heartedly welcomed.

I want you all to know how I am approaching this. I'm a dumb old man
that has forgotten more than he can remember and consequently falls
back on the KISS theory "Keep It Simple Stupid" I am interested in
accomplishing 4 things here.

1. Getting that lost 120HP Jeff found into my car.

2. Building and installing the best air intake I can that will compliment
the added HP and work on my build

3. Accomplish these goals without having to reinvent the wheel or
redesign and re manufacture the fuel distributor.

4. Allow others to take advantage of any benefits in performance
we can get.

What I know to this point.

1. I read Chris Carrolls post about this motor, I saw a print out
of the Dyno sheet, and read Steve Weiner's endorsement.

If someone can find Chris's post I would appreciate them
posting a link or a copy. This was posted within the last
week or two.

2. I, personally, spoke with Jeff and confirmed what he did.

3. Jeff told me they added something to the top of the
metering plate that allowed the plate to travel further into
the bowl and allow full travel of the fuel head plunger which
supplied more fuel.

4. When I told Jeff I had one of the original metering cones he
told me he was familiar with the cone. He stated that what
they added to the top of the metering plate was basicly the
same as adding the cone but they were working with the
stock air filter.

5. Jeff stated his modification did basicly the same thing as the
cone and he would welcome testing the cone and possibly
repoducing them for sale.

From here I have sent the cone to Jeff and he will test it on
the next 930 that comes in. I discussed air intake with Jeff
and he said the original factory was woefully inadequate and
the root cause of limited fuel flow.

I am in the process of building an air intake based on those
used on the original 934's.

Cole - 80 930 "The Old Sled"
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