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Adjusting sag on the front end (1100) - PITA!

Oh my aching ballbag.

So in my fine-tuning, I finally got into a careful adjustment of the sag on my Wilbers. After reading several threads I settled on target numbers of 35mm front, 34mm rear. For reference, my bike is a 2001 'Light', has the longer length (Wilbers) rear shock, and now has the 365mm GS torque arm, plus (edit) I have the 10mm Motoyoyo A-arm mod. The rear of course took about 3 minutes, 2 of which were spent taping and marking reference points and then getting my neighbor to measure. Sure enough it needed about 5mm of preload, a pretty significant amount. Grabbed the spanners, loosened the lock ring, cranked down the adjustment ring A LITTLE (edited), tightened the lock ring. Done.

The front on the other hand is a pain in the a$$. I had purchased a MotionPro tool specifically for the purpose, as it was clear that the Wilbers spanner was useless in the tight confines of the shock recess.

But even so, there was no way I was going to get this done with the fairings on, so off they came. And then it was clear that I was going to need to have access from the front, so off came the headlight, mirrors and windshield. Even with my fancy tool, which was a godsend, I can't see how to do this without removing that stuff.

Once if was off, the tool made short work of it. I wised up and measured the amount of threads showing, and then adjusted the rings till there was 6mm additional threads showing. Put it all back together, reset my ziptie on the fork tube, remeasured, and it was perfect at 35mm. Hooray.

Took it out for a spin and it seems better than ever. I also took a couple of clicks of damping out of everything, and while it definitely feels plusher, I may have gone too far. Will work on the damping next in the few sessions, that's much easier, and I took notes as to where I was and what changes I made, so I'll learn something too.

With all my suspension and geometry changes, I also discovered (in this my first night ride on it) that my headlight was now aimed WAY too low, and so did a little adjustment of that too.

Who has a better way of (tool for) adjusting the front preload without stripping the bike? There's got to be a better way...

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