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Originally Posted by Alan L View Post
Yes, probably - given his turbo is probably heating up under high load - altho I think he posted earlier the headers glowing at idle?
but if he is getting 26 deg adv at 4000 rpm, and is at 10 deg ATDC at idle, I think this means he would have a strange map in the dizzy. I think if the dizzy map is stock, one should follow the other - 2 ATDC deg at idle, and 26 deg BTDC at 4000.
Fredmeister might be able to confirm this.
I think my pulley is marked at 5 degree ATDC and again at 29 degree BTDC but I am not sure. Could be 2 and 26 as the marks are hard to tell visually. I would have to run my timing light on them to confirm. I will keep this in my list of things to do when I pull the distributor out to fix this dam oil leak I think is from the dizzy o-ring and need to retime the engine.
Either way, I run at 0 degrees BTDC right now on my engine and its happy. I think I may be pulling 26-28 degrees BTDC at 4000rpm, but its been awhile since I timed the engine.
I would love to run 5-10 BTDC but this would cause me to be too far advanced under boost with the stock dizzy. I really should go to an adjustable ignition unit like Cole and other guys are using that allows me to dial out even more advance with boost.
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