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This subject has probably been beat to death on the forum by the more seasoned owners, but I'm new to the Margue, so if it has please direct me to the correct reply stage to learn how.
I have a 2001 3.2 with factory original Lithtronic headlamps. I've been told you can activate the Canadian required DRL process by a certain unknown to me process. How do I accomplished this?
DRL Hack - Porsche Boxster Forums: Porsche Boxster Forum ought to work

In Canada there is a traffic law, for every single car on the road it must have daytime running lights, basically headlights on at all times day or night, many have imported US Spec Porsches into Canada and in order to pass a Federal Inspection they needed to have Daytime Running Lights installed, they visited their friendly local Porsche Dealers and then got hammered with couple hundred dollars fees for a relay installation and a couple of electrical wiring, I heard of people paying $400-$500 I was stunned. For those of you who are planning on importing a US Spec Porsche 986 Boxster or 996 Carrera in Canada or for anyone wanting to have Daytime Running Lights there is a simple hack that will cost you a couple dollars at most $10. I picked up this hack a couple years back on a website can't remember where but clearly remember how it's done.

Locate the fuse box cover on the lower left side underneath the dash, remove the cover and locate fuse number A6 and A9, both fuses are located on the first top row, from left to right fuse #6 and fuse #9, if you don’t have heated seats the #6 fuse slot will be empty, once located you will need to have a 3 inch long electrical wire (18 gauge wire is good) strip each end of the wire approx ” on each end of the wire, what you need to do is use that 3” wire to jump fuse #6 and #9 like a bridge, take one end of the wire and wrap it around one peg of the fuse and the other end on one peg of the other fuse and insert both fuse back into slot #6 and #9 , if you had an empty slot, simply use a spare fuse on the empty slot. Verify that the hack worked by putting the ignition key on the headlights should come on. This hack is an easy one and it could save you hundreds of dollars.
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