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I hate how Porsche guys measure in bar... its soooo annoying we get it your metric!

12 pounds on 6.5-1 is really nothing esp intercooling....Also I thought stock 930's ran 7-1?

For summer I would prop run lower boost anyways (esp with the ambient temps in vegas).

With a good intercooler setup (and esp if you get the wmi working) I think you could run 15-16 psi all day on that GT30 and be fine...just watch your IAT temps good indicator of when your risking knocking the motor to death without a knock sensor

Also your AFR is fine as long as you aren't geting pre-detonation, alot of guys like to run under 12 with knock sensors as a safe guard

Being that your out in Vegas AND I'm a Phx guy my suggestion to you to handle our high temps (unless you only wanna drive your car in the winter) is to go to E85! I converted on my turbo Saab some years ago... holy duck f***, my EGT's just dropped I was running 24 psi in the summer, intercooled only, and knock was nowhere to be found! and during the cool months I was able to get a lot of timing into that motor.

Now I had to upgrade the stock injectors because on pump gas I was at their limits anyways with my tune, and you need to flow roughly 30% more E85 than pump gas

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