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Pretty much. The hardest part is getting the return line loose and fitting a rubber hose over the flare fitting on the metal line from the fuel dist.

You wanna catch the fuel from the line with a "Y" at the end. One hose goes to the bottom of the fuel accumulator to catch and return any fuel should the diaphram in it ever rupture.

The other line goes to the front of the car, It points more forward. This is where you want to collect your sample, from the line coming from the fuel head obviously...

I believe the minimum spec is something around 1100cc in 30 seconds?? It's been a while hopefully someone knows it off the top of their head... I know a healthy system will typically double that number...

you test with the engine off, key on, I usually leave the airflow plate switch plugged in and ground the overvboost switch to turn the pumps on and off, it's a litttle safer.

Ideally, you want to know the pressure is in spec to verify volume, testing this way ONLY verifies a low fuel delivery problem, but it is very simple and doesn't require a CIS gauge to eliminate one likely cause of your symptoms.

If all is well, start looking elsewhere (pressure test, WUR function, etc)

In my experience a bad WUR usually caused other noticable drivability concerns, especially when cold... You haven't mentioned any other symptoms so I'm stuck on the flow test...unless you have other symptoms and unknowingly chalk it up to the "nature of the beast" as many others do...

I assume you've verified both pumps are running, do this first if not.
Good luck
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