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Neat Ride!

Definately Electromotive HPV-1 Ignition system. Basiclly GM coil packs from the '80's with some handbuilt hardware to trigger them. Accurate, not nearly as strong a spark as the CD ignition, but great for a decently tuned fuel mixture. You can still download the manual for it from their website. I've used several generations of this setup on multiple twinplug turbos, the only common failure was the crank trigger sensor. It's actually a "VR sensor as opposed to a "hall effect" for future likely needed diagnostic references. My old boss tells everybody to keep a spare in the glove box along with tools needed to change it, as the heat from the turbo may eventually kill it.

Richard Clewett is a great source for Electromotive products and info. He also builds Porsche specific hardware to integrate the system to your car.

You can do a couple of neat things with that system such as add a MAP sensor to safely get more advance off boost for better drivability, a remote advance controller (dangerous in many 930 cases)

How does the AC work running off the Fan pulley like that?? That's bizzare. Looks like a 911S fan pulley for an old smog pump drive turning the compressor WAAAYY faster than it should at high engine RPM. Not to mention the extra stress on the oh so critical fan belt. I would look into changing this before using the AC at all. Richard Clewett can sell you a custom made crank pulley that uses factory belts for A/C and fan along with a mount for the newer 3/8" sensor. If you have a homemade mount utilizing the distributor hole, you will need his plug for that as well as his sensor mount uses the distributor stud alone...HOWEVER...

If that were my car, I would pull the flywheel and find someone to machine the trigger teeth into the flywheel, procure a sensor, and sensor mount from any 964,965,993 and get rid of the electromotive sensor all together. Notch the bell housing on the gearbox, set the airgap, build a harness with Bosch 3 pin connector for factory crank trigger on one side, a "Y" to two GM weatherpack connectors for the coil packs, and forget about it... I do live in a hot climate so this may all be completely irrelevant to you...just puttin it out there! Good luck!

Edit: AC compressor speed may not be an issue, sorry, it was early, doh! I still wouldn't run any more load off of my Fan/Alternator belt though. Also, just realized your were contemplating purchase, sorry to dump all that brain fodder on you before you've even bought it...

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