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I think your WMI project it worth it.
I wouldn't put the WMI nozzle right after the intercooler before all that tubing though, thats definately the wrong place for it.
I don't understand why you want to do that or even consider it when there's plenty of room at the other end of that 180* pipe right before the TB.
Mounted there it wouldn't be wetting out the entire inside diameter of all that pipe, the BOV, and air temp sensor.

I think you can also buy a screw together injection nozzle bung that fits in silicone multiply hose. I know they make those for nitrous oxide injector nozzles so a WMI nozzle would work in one too. That way you can get it right over the throttle body which is best for single injector WMI.

I would have to write a long boring description about dry flowing and wet flowing intake manifolds that are origonally designed for dry air flow only and I'm not sure you'd understand it.
You can search and read laminar flow on the internet. Dry flowing is air only and wet flowing is flowing air with water mist, methanol mist, water mixed with methanol mist, or wet gasoline mist and nitrous oxide gas from a throttle body nitrous oxide injection kit.. mixed and suspended into the air flow through the intake manifold.

Short vesion is with the turns and distance in the casting right below the carrera throttle body, the two log type plenum chambers, ducting and turns in the 6 carrera manifold intake runners the air and water methanol mist travels through before reaching the intake ports - because of laminar flow and turbulance around corners some of the water and methanol fine mist droplits are going to come out of air suspension and coat the interior walls of the manifold turning into a thin liqued flow along the interior surfaces instead of remaining entirly suspended as fine mist droplits in the air flow carried into the intake ports with the intake air.
When that happens you get some liqued water and methanol in large droplits going into the combustion chambers along with all the finely atomized stuff and that can cause some misfiring and power degradation by contaminating the air fuel mixture so not all the gas is burned during combustion.

You can dry flow WMI or nitrous oxide and gas by installing individual injectors in each carrera manifold intake runner right before the intake port. More expensive, complicated, more maintenance, and you'd need a progressive controller running the pump with that configuration but it will work better.
A stock pancake 930 manifold should work better for single injector TB WMI in theory because there is so much less interior volume to fill with air.

Mount your WMI injector as close to the throttle body as possible or it will not work as well and will probably shorten the life of your BOV and air temp sensor.

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Jim, that is the temp sensor just at the bend and near the BOV....which is why I am putting the injector directly after the intercooler. What is your point about "wet coating" the Carerra intake?

Do you think the "juice is worth the squeeze" of this project ?
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