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And we are home! We left from Kelowna airport Tuesday afternoon, and with a 4 hour delay in our flight we arrived at Boise airport just after midnight. We booked a hotel on walking distance of the dealership. On the Wednesday we walked over and the cat was all detailed waiting for us at the Porsche dealership.

We where offered a test drive, even we already paid for it...We took it for a spin and could not wait to be on the road! After a hour of boring paperwork we got the keys handed over and started our trip.

The first "leg" of our tour took us to one of our suppliers just outside of Boise. Every body who we talked to complemented us with the car! It's in such beautiful condition!

After about 800 Km we decided it was time for a rest. We booked a hotel just outside of Oroville to get ready for the border crossing on Thursday.

Thursday morning we where ready for the border. It was a little bit less than the 72 hours notice but US customs did not give us any problems. US border officials where very easy going this time! We got our paperwork stamped off and where on our way to the Canadian officials! Other than last year US customs did not even bother to check the VIN number....

In all honesty I have to say US customs where very friendly, actually bit more friendly than our Canadian border guards. We now know the import duty does not apply for cars over 25 years, but do they know? Lets find out!

There is a few ways how we can handle this. We have to understand we are dealing with large ego's at the border, so we need to be careful. One way would be to let them do their thing, and confront them as they ask us to pay the duty. We will question their knowledge and make them uncomfortable.

We decided to do it differently. We filled in the forms and handed them over to the officer. At that point we very friendly pointed out that we think no duties should be paid and handed over the printed guidance of the tariff. The officer was clearly not informed about this exemption and asked us to take a seat while he was "taking care of the paperwork". At return he did not mention anything about the tariff and did not charge us for it! The funny part is that after paying up the lady one of the fellow officers came up to the counter and asked if they could keep the printout of the tariff for future reference.

So.....Oroville border crossing is informed! The complete procedure took us less than one our. Damage, only the 5% GST. No aircon levy as they dis not bother to ask or look. Interesting thing is that both US and Canadian officials did not bother to check the VIN....

Anyways, we continued our journey and cruised the beautiful Okanagan Valley back home. A 1300 Km road trip with not a single problem! We bought a litre of Mobil 1 to top off and we are good for the next road trip!

Today we had our provincial inspection, and they found 3 fails. a crack in the rear reflector, moist in the headlight and a worn rear wiper blade..

At the end, I am very very happy with it!! It is for sure more than we bargained for!! I would rate the interior 8.5/9 out of 10 and the exterior 8 0f 10. The interior has no signs of wear, except for some fading of the chairs. A little bot of TLC and leather conditioner will solve that easily. The outside got some minor rock damage on the front and mirrors.

The mechanic part has proven itself in 1200 K I think the clutch is a bit heavy and the gearbox isn't as smooth. But as I don't have anything to compare it with so I could not tell if this is normal or not.

The front is a tat sloppy but I would not be surprised the shocks are still stock, as everything on this car, including radio is bone stock.

I have the name and address of the original owner on the title. I will try to get in contact with him and ask about the Fuchs.... Does not hurt to try... The story is he traded it for a cayman.

I will for sure get some wheels, but to be honest, I don't know if I would go for Fuchs or speed lines....

Pictures! Remember, its a bit dirty after the trip.

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