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Wholeheartedly agree with Jacob (waazzupp!) here... well said.

I think it comes down to the person - not everyone / anyone should attempt to hone their skills with a 930. I am a firm believer that the right person can aspire to the equipment - it's like when I started skiing as a kid, when I'd get newer better skis my skills and technique increased immensely. Tracking a 930 can be tremendously rewarding and if done right can really up your game.

You've got what sounds like a fair amount of seat time, tho little instruction. While I think a GT3 would be an enormously better track tool - mostly due to gearbox and powerband and throttle response with the 930 but those can very certainly be ironed out / dialed in properly - a 930 is a whole lot of fun to hustle around. When done right.

I'll also agree w/ that these are not cheap to campaign, a GT3 would prob be better there again - but you did say you had the means so that's maybe a non-issue for you (I put 200mi on a GT3RS the other weekend, helluva car right there - just sayin heh heh).

I did my 1st instructional DE in a GT3Mk1 - heck 1/2 the session was in the rain!!! Someone else's GT3 mind you - ha! I'd only autox'd a ton and done a non-instructed event @ Lime Rock in my 2.3-16 prior. And the only other car I've since DE'd was my 930.

Did that hamper my learning or put me at some catastrophic demise? Hellno! I'd argue it allowed me to learn an arseload!!!

And, I'll add, I found both the GT3 / 930 damn easy to pretty much go bauls out with once I learned the line. But again, it's the person - I can find the limits of any car quickly and easily (IMO) and have done enough WOT sideways snow driving to know how to catch it when it goes, and I know my limits and that of the situation.

Short version: look within yourself, you know you - will you rise to the occassion or cave under the pressure? I think you be fine, personally. I do like the suggestion tho to maybe go without race rubber at first, that's prob a good idea 8-).

Good luck, and ENJOY!
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