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Lift the engine lid and check the sticker that's pasted to the underside of the lid on the right hand side. It will show the routing for all the vacuum lines as well as tell you what the timing specs are for your particular year car. Timing is set usually with the vacuum lines to the distributor disconnected and plugged, with the car running at 4000 rpms. You're looking for timing advance around 26 degrees BTDC @ 4000 rpms (for my '87 anyway). If needed, loosen the clamp bolt and rotate the distributor to achieve the correct timing. Hook everything back up and at idle your timing should be correct provided the distributor advance mechanism is moving freely and the vacuum can is pulling in some retard. Timing retard at idle - I would have to pull out my books to see if I have specifics for your '80 California 65 engine, but usually it will show retard of a few degrees at idle and will advance when the throttle is moved and the vacuum goes away.

After adjusting (again, only if needed) then re-set your idle speed via the adjusting screw at the base of the throttle body, check your CO% or AFR at the tail pipe, adjust mixture as needed, re-adjust idle, and you're done. That's the full extent of a tuneup - sans replacing/adjusting spark plugs, changing air and fuel filters, changing oil, and adjusting valves.
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