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Originally Posted by EBELLO RACING View Post
one company I really need to thank GT GUARD differential
in the past I broken a lots of LSD UNITS AND FIRST GEAR since i switched over to GUARD haven't had any more problems. one less thing to WORRY about and i'm not just talking to talk. if you watch my pass videos you'll see the car always had problems leaving the starting line and specially in second car would get squirrely sometimes would have to abort the run in competiton. now I have total control of my car. i recommend it to everyone. drag racing, road racing, and what i do the most of street. i'm still not given it justice my next video will.
I just want to say THANK YOU GT GUARD for all your help signs Eddie Bello
I'm a little late to the show but thank you Eddie.

We always like to hear from our customers and about their successes. As was mentioned, in addition to your car, that Beetle runs our stuff, as does 9FF and a few of the people on that top water cooled list (like KPG and EVOMS). Those last two broke the same LSD, that you are too polite to name, a couple times each, just like you did. I'm also too polite to name them, but I will tell you that because of the multiple failures on high horsepower cars they recently revised the maximum rated whp for their G50 units at 400whp. For a 996T, that's basically a reflash and intercooler away from stock, so they've basically said their parts are not intended for Porsches with boost. Make of that what you will.

All that I will add further is that in the 3 years since Paul Guard retired and sold me the company I have not had a single LSD failure. And in addition to all of you G50 based guys running them in your cars, we've got guys like Pat Williams putting the smaller body 930 LSDs into his GT1 PCA Club race cars that are making 600-700whp. We've got them in some factory 935s as well (like Bruce Canepa's car). No 930 breakages either. If anyone reading this has ever broken a GT LSD, please, contact me directly because I want to see it.

Sorry if this sounds a little like a GT commercial. Those who know me know that's not usually my style. But when someone like Eddie is out there hammering on our stuff and it keeps coming back for more, it makes me a bit proud. I may not personally be a drag racer, but what you guys do in 9 seconds is just as abusive as what our parts see when they get run for 24 hours at Daytona or The Ring. I don't brag too often and prefer to let the product speak for itself, but it's Friday and I'm feeling a bit randy. Eddie gives me good reason to brag and I'm looking forward to the day I get to throw up a press release that says he broke into the 8's with his car. It's gonna happen. I know it will. His MPHs are just too fast for it not to come at some point...


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