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Originally Posted by Tippy View Post
Some observations that may change the entire board's beliefs and other interesting facts:

1. > 19 lbs of boost on a high compression motor. Wow.
2. Small intercooler running high hp with high air temps on a high CR motor. Wow.
3. Twin turbo - 'nuff said. Very few 911's have this.
4. Huge hp numbers from a small motor and high IC air temps.
5. Large twins used for efficiency (heat output wise), not concerned with lag.

Just for reference, on a near 100 degree day, I have only seen 114 degrees from my IC running through the gears peak.

I'm assuming this engine made the huge numbers due to the high boost, high static compression ratio, and high RPM?

Those hp numbers are huge and impressive from a 3.0L.

You are a sort of pioneer I'd imagine.
Let me say up front I think the guys on this board are great, knowledgeable and very helpful. But I think in some ways many are stuck in the eighties and not open minded for possible alternative ways to modify our cars for maybe even more enjoyment. I never believed the early cars were designed to be launched hard and beat on down low like say american muscle. What good is 400 HP at 3k in a car you can’t shift? Do you really want to try compete with cars that can? Today its about what I call modern power. Modern power is cars that are built to compete at high speed 60-130, ½ mile and 1 mile runs and that requires a different approach. I think our cars can hold their own in this arena if built right and still would be a lot of fun to drive. I know its not “Streetable” but I say lets work on that. There will always be the stop light to stop light guys and that’s great if that’s what they enjoy. But I believe there could be another segment that would enjoy modern power. Now I’ve said it have fun with it.
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