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i'm very familiar with the two makers of cars your talking about . my fab race shop is also a run of the mill body shop we do all the body and paint work for a mazda dealer and have don so for the last 7 1/2 years . my other shop we only do top end car ferrari's , porsche and lambo's is 99 % of the types of cars we work on . then i was a BASF rep for many years and stil do some rep work for them . BASF is the OE supplyer of the paints to ferrari and mazda ferrari uses glasurit and mazda uses RM's paint line .
non ot the ground coats or 1st coats are the pure white base . they do not use a pure white base color for many reasons . the base formulas for the ground coats are this for both the ferrari color and the mazda colors .
black base color 4.3 grams
white base color 79.7 grams
mixing clear /binder no color at all in it
reduce no color at all to it
there are a total of 3 ferrari color they use on ther F1 cars and there are the same as you can buy for any ferrari you order . they are
rosso scuderia met . they use this color for night races
rosso scuderia they use this color for day light races
rosso scuderia there old team color up to 2009 .
the night color has no ghold pearl in it it does have two yellows and a med metallic flake . it is a quad color sprayed over a very light gray base . the base color i stated .
i have paint many ferraris this color .

as for the mazda color .
the photo you show of the mazda 3 if it is what mazda copied from ferrari the color name is colorado red . it has 3 color codes to it A4S / D3 /D34 .
but that car looks to be the mazda color A4A true red . that too uses the same color ground coat as the rest of the reds a very very light gray color .
now the 27A color velocity red has gold pearl in it . but it looks nothing like the color on the car on the photo . it was offered on the 3's, 6's, MX5, and RX8's .
there copy of the ferrari color was not offered on any other models than the MX5's and RX8's .
now for reasons i will not get into all reds not candys . have to have a yellow or orange in the mix or a combo of the two .
but again the reason ypu don't use a pure white is it makes reds have a pink cast to them . also white is a very poor hiding color so it would take instad of the 2 to 3 coats to get proper hiding it will take 6 to 8 coats .
so like i say if your in dought on the fact that you use a very light gray just go to BASF's site and check out the colors and the 1st steps of the two stage color reds . you will see they add black tinting base to them .

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