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New project paint questions

Over the next six months or so, I have a bunch of upgrades in store for my 88 Carrera, one of which is a repaint.
It is currently a crappy metallic brown with a bad case of sunburn (flaky clear coat). I am going to change colour to white.

It will also get a full set of steel 930 bodywork which has been waiting patiently in my attic.
I will be doing all the dismantling, stripping, cutting, flare fitting, filling, priming, undercoat and prep myself and I'll farm out the rear flare welding and final top coat to real experts. I will respray the finish coat in engine bay and all the smaller parts like mirrors, valances, etc.

I have spent quite a few hours browsing the paint forum which gave me some ideas, answered a few questions and raised a few more, but before I launch into this project, Iíd appreciate some tips on the following.

The car has been resprayed at some stage in its life and the clear coat is flaking in some areas. I'm in two minds about going back to bare metal - it seems like a lot of extra work and this is a daily-driver, not a show car.

Q1: Is sanding through the old clear coat and leaving most of the base coat(s) likely to cause problems, especially considering that the current colour is dark and metallic and the new colour will be white?
Any traps to watch out for here?

I donít know which type of paint to use. I do know that I donít want to use a clear coat.
All this reading about acrylic, urethane, lacquer, epoxy, enamel, one or two-pack is doing my head in.

Q2: What is the simplest paint system for a part-time painter like me?
I want to be able to spray new parts or touch-up small areas as and when necessary in my carport. Over the years, I have used different systems and nothing pisses me off more than running out of two-pack paint with only a couple of strokes to go or having too much left over, so rightly or wrongly, I am leaning heavily towards a single pack paint (no hardener), but still open to change.

I'd really appreciate any comments regarding the type of paint rather than brand names. Obviously, the big names in paint are available in Aus, but many of the brand names that roll off your tongues aren't familiar to me.

As well as turbo panels and a paint job, the car will also get its long-awaited 3.6 engine, bigger brakes, wheels and tyres, new suspension and new interior. Better make that a twelve month project!
This is the starting point Ö

1988 Carrera - 3.6 engine (with ITBs, COPs, MS3X) and a whole set of turbo body panels waiting in the attic.
Day job ...
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