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So, throwing peanuts and calling a black person an animal on the convention floor gets a 'bye' from you bey -

You are disgusting.

I am not justifying what liberals do - I think especially what the Yahoo editor said was awful, and uncalled for, and thank goodness they had the good sense to fire him.

However, you justify truly horrendous behavior and say it is 'ok' - it isn't, on either side of the fence. At least the PR team at the RNC was quick to condemn the actions of their attendees - they at least know it was wrong, unlike you.

You are disgusting.

However rooster - I love how you already 'narrow' the field stating we can't use the crap that someone like Akin's has spewed. Really - typical con - already stating that they don't have to play by the rules they set up.

Oh, the wiki thing - not so good - it cannot be traced back to who changed it - can it? Do you know it was a liberal who changed it, or was it made to look like liberals changed it. I think you really need to stick with things like what Chalian said that can be really attributed to the 'other side'.
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