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I thought if anyone had it, it would be them. Can you post the items and options codes?
Im the one working with J930 to reproduce his window sticker. As the length of this epic topic suggests, uncovering period correct pricing for Exclusive/Special Wish options is almost impossible at times. The salesmen at the time did not even bother showing most customers the possibilities because 98 times out of 100, someone ordered a car with conventional options or things straight out of the salesman's pocket fact book -- and those prices we have.

Unfortunately, PCNA's record-keeping back in the 1980s was not good. There's a chance the yearly Exclusive prices exist somewhere, and the options that correspond to them, but nobody knows who that person is or who might know where to look. Its probably buried in some Stuttgart archive in a box somewhere. Nobody at PCNA has any clue (they rarely have a clue on anything, but thats another topic altogether).

What special wish pricing we do have has been largely furnished from archiving and databasing vehicles with those options on their original stickers. We have quite a bit actually -- probably more than PCNA -- but when you are talking the number of options from Exclusive (couple hundred) and many model years, it becomes a table that might number in the thousands.

In many cases, the Exclusive part numbers were retained over many cycles, and we've seen that across the 911 model range. The 993s for instance tend to share the same code if the option description is the same.

In J930s case, he's got a couple Exclusive option codes that dont even show up on most conventional "mother of all options lists" lists. Where small gaps tend to be, a couple of his option codes reside. That does not suggest to me that his options were one-offs, but rather the information available on the Exclusive options remains clouded in a lot of mystery and new information is constantly being revealed to fill in the holes (and at times create new ones).

Just to give you some context, in our experience less than 1 in 75 cars was delivered with anything beyond off the shelf options -- or -- options that might have been Exclusive but were so popular they were almost as if they were off the shelf. So its very rare to get a vehicle that detoured to Exclusive for open heart surgery. The car in question we're working on has about a dozen Exclusive options. I can track down quite a few of the them, but not in the same year so pricing may be slightly off. PCNA tended to maintain static pricing on a lot of these Exclusive options for periods at a time -- perhaps 3-4 years -- unlike off the shelf options. The margins were much better on Exclusive options so the need to price-adjust every year was not needed.

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