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Mystery of the self-fixing 944 or am I up a creek sans paddle??

I posted a topic a bit back about my car hesitating/stumbling while on the highway in high gear (just did it one time). That problem was weird cause it only did it when the car was in gear. If I put it in neutral and revved - no problem, so I figured it wasn't a fuel-related thing.

Anywho - it hasn't happened since and the car hasn't run better (used to have hestitation when getting back on gas after coasting, but that is now gone).

So, that problem seemed to "fix itself".

Now last night I was driving home and heard what sounded like someone about a block away hitting a hammer on tin. As I drove more, the sound got louder and I realized it was my car (duh!!). It sounds like something "caught-up" in the back drivetrain. It doesn't make the noice if the car is just rolling, so it's not a brake/wheel thing. It does make the noise when I'm on the gas (but only when moving) and it gets louder with more gas.

I did a search and CV joints kept coming up - but this sound isn't present until I hit the gas. Will bad CV joints still clunk/knock/ting only if the car is under load? Shouldn't they make the noise all the time?

Now the weird part. While driving last night I turned into McDoanlds to get some food. The sound was so bad at this point, I was going to leave it there and pick it up tommorrow. It sounded like if I really got on the gas, that something was going to snap or fly off. Pulled into the drivethru - sound was there (and really bad). Pulled out of drivethru and it was GONE! No sound whatsoever.

Is this CV joints or a pinion thing in the transmission, OR has my amazing self-fixing 944S done it's thing and I won't hear the sound again (I wish)??? Could what happened on the highway be in any way related to this sound???

Note - I have a small tranny fluid leak around the re-fill plug. It doesn't drip much, but when re-filled last, it was down 1/4 of the way (re-filled 7000 klms ago). What happens when the tranny fluid is low?

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