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Originally Posted by 1986911 View Post
Thanks for the reply Mark, as soon as the car starts acting up I lose all power. I could barely keep the car at 20mph in second trying to get off the freeway. Car idles very rough and at low rpms maybe 500? Same exact symptoms as when my
rear fuel pump failed. I was blowing fuses and the pump seemed basically locked up. I would pull the front pump relay out and car would die right away. 2 new FP relays, new fuses and new rear pump. Less than 500 miles happy miles on new parts.

Good idea on checking the voltage, I am going to try that tomorrow and swap in a known good black round relay in the back. I also plan to pull the green plug and shut the motor off to see if the bee hive is alive! Hopefully one of those will give me a clue.
These cars will run pretty well with just one fuel pump, until you start challenging the delivery under substantial load. Note that the rear relay you refer to controls the power to the Lambda stuff and has nothing to do with your pumps (those two are up front). So when you unplug/plug back in, it will weird out your lambda controls for a spell, as you've already seen. Sounds to me as though that is working ok.

Since you're experiencing symptoms beyond just AFR meter readings, something is amiss. Your hot CDI might could be the culprit because with a poor spark you'll see high AFR readings (because the combustion isn't complete, thus the oxygen hasn't all been consumed, and your AFR gauge reads residual O2 in the exhaust).
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