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I'm About to Set This ****ing Car on Fire!!!!!

My 1988 944 NA will not run for more that 10 seconds. With the DME coolant temperature sensor unplugged it will run, but it idles at 1800 RPM. It runs beautifully at that RPM, then it starts to cough and dies. If I gently open the throttle it will continue to run, but if I go over 2500-3000 RPM it starts to misfire and is generally not happy.

Here are the things I've replaced recently. Most of them are because they were 25 years old, not because I was trying to solve this problem. I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator/damper (no gas smell when the vacuum lines are removed), fuel injectors were rebuilt, fuel lines, spark plugs, cap, rotor, wires, every vacuum line (including the large one from the J boot to the AOS , the ones from the J boot to the ISV/intake manifold, and the one from the brake booster to the J boot), ISV, AOS seals, intake manifold gaskets, J boot, all grounds are clean, DME coolant temperature sensor, TPS, DME relay, and my throttle body was resealed/cleaned.

The idle adjuster screw in the throttle body is not backed out/missing. All vacuum connections are tight/correct. My tachometer bounces like it's at a rave. My TPS is adjusted correctly. The O ring at the back of the throttle body is there. My J boot is on tight. The wires for the AFM and DME coolant temperature sensor look immaculate. I recently installed the Rouge Tuning NA-Tune and I have verified that my MAF sensor is working correctly. I have tried smacking my DME and there was no change. The legs on the chip are not bent/missing. The spark plug wires are hooked up correctly. My battery is fully charged. My car has no oxygen sensor at the moment, but that shouldn't really matter, right? I do not have the old AFM, so I can't swap it back in, but I'll try finding and el cheapo one just to troubleshoot with.

I'm sure you guys are going to tell me to search, but all of the threads I've come across are no help, or the OP never posted back saying that they fixed the problem.

Please help! I have no form of transportation at the moment, so I need this piece of **** running!
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