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You really need to have an accurate wide band in the car or you're just guessing and you'll never know where it is.

I have an innovate wideband AFR gauge on board permanently and when I was adjusting mine I left the control pressure regulator on the 2 studs it mounts on but without the nuts holding it down so I could pull over somewhere shut the car off and slide it up off the studs, turn it sideways a little with the hoses attached and adjust the 4mm allen head for the steady cruise 1/4 turn at a time most of the time until i was real close to where i wanted it to be and then turn it less to make fine adjustments, or the three 3mm ones for the boost threshold adjustment, etc.

I used a C Clamp to press in the boost enrichment thing to lean it out and used the tool Brian leask gives you to draw it out to lower boost control pressure and richen up the boost enrichment AFR's.
I have the CIS pressure gauge but never used it when adjusting the control pressure regulator because it was never far off and the AFR gauge told me exactly what I needed to know.
Then I would hook up the CIS gauge when done sometimes to know what I had adjusted it too.

Anyway, the amount your looking to change yours may be different than my car so it's hard to say but from my experience I'd guess around 3/4 turn in on the 4mm steady cruise allen head adjustment to increase control pressure a little and go from 13.5 to 14.5 steady cruise AFR. That may be too much or it may have go a full turn or more on yours.
I have a CIS flowtech modified aluminum ex-lambda fuel head adjusted for 20% more fuel under boost though so my experience is only with it. It takes a while to get it just right but when it is the car runs perfect all the time and every time. My car starts and runs absolutely perfect and smooth every time and all the time.
It took alot of work though... like a hobby for me.

Again, you absolutely have to have a wideband AFR gauge because every car is a little to alot different.
So many things on a 25 year old control pressure regulated mechanical fuel injection system with possible vacuum leaks in so many different places, worn rings and or valves, different mufflers, ignition timing, etc. etc. etc... the list never ends.
So many things can make every one of these old cars a little different.
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