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Adjustable boost pressure

Coming from an Audi turbo 5-cylinder background (amazing engines in 20 valve form by the way) - those engine basically come with external wastegates where with a quick pop of a small cover exposes a 6mm bolt that when screwed down preloads the wastegate spring -and voila!! More POWER!! Just like that. (assuming the ECU has been properly programmed) The magical 6mm power bolt.

Not so easy with these cars.

So anyway I wanted a similar type setup for my fairly new-to-me '91 Turbo - as I wanted just a smidge more power - wanted to walk up to the "slippery slope", but not go over the edge :-) so was thinking no more than 1 bar - in fact I was thinking I'd probably run a little under 1 bar just to be a little safer. Here in Denver at altitude no issues - I've heard however, of cars going to sea level and getting some pinging with 1 bar springs - so if/when I were to go on a road trip to sea level I could back off a smidge - and if/when I do some track time I could back off the boost, too.

So during research about wastegates I came up on an old thread ("Adjustable Wastegate" maybe?) and saw a post by fredmeister - he said he made up a wastegate like I was thinking about. So we got to talking and I ended up sending my wastegate to him for modification (for a fee of course). In conjunction with installing this I did a boost gauge and BL adjustable WUR. Still getting things dialed in but it's a cool setup, IMO.

Nothing wrong with swapping in a 1 bar spring and calling it good, of course - I just like the flexibility this achieves. I did not get a discount nor do I get anything going forward - I just wanted to let others know it's a cool option from a regular here on PP as I bet there are more people who would appreciate the flexibility.
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