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Ok guys.......since there were alot of questions, theories, and concerns I contacted PTP turbo blankets. I forwarded them the conversations on here to see what they could add to this.

They have been awesome everytime I have had a question or concern!

Here is what they wrote...

Hey Edward,

Radiant heat from the turbocharger is wasted energy. Energy makes turbos more efficient.

An example is when you heat fluid, the fluid moves faster. If the fluid is responsible for turning a wheel,

you would want the fluid to be moving as quickly as possible. Since the mass of the fluid is not affected

by the temperature, faster moving fluid will have greater momentum. When that momentum hits its object,

the resulting drop in velocity transfers momentum from the fluid to object.

Basically the more work the turbine does, the more efficient it will perform.

The cooling systems on turbocharged vehicles can handle the extra heat. The flow rate of coolant and oil

through the turbo is pretty high. With little wait time, the possibility of coking the oil while operating

is very low.

The rise in temperature from the turbo blanket is no where enough to transfer the heat from the

turbo to the oil given the short time the oil is actually in contact with the bearing components.

A lot of people think the blanket contains the radiant heat completely inside. This

is not true, the heat has to go somewhere, and it is still released out to the atmosphere.

This has been a long term debate and from the 8 years of being in the turbo blanket business, we have

never had a single customer have a turbo failure from their turbo blanket. Our blankets have been on

both race and street vehicles for over 5 years with no issues.

Do we believe that it's not possible for a turbo to fail under the load of a turbo blanket? No, not at all,

but we believe the chances of this happening are slim and will take a very long time. Unfortunately many will

have their disbelief and it will be a never ending debate.

We have yet to have a customer return a blanket because they were not happy with the results and performance

they saw just from this little modification. This is what we like to boast about.
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