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Mernin gang!

Man, what a way to start my day today... thanks all for the warm welcome home! It's good to be back in a 930, MY 930, and back witchyouseses alls!

Jesper... your reply slayed me - love it!

MikeD! HA! April Fewlz!!!

Na mon... 'tis the truth. Tho after I posted that it DID dawn on me that you guys would probably think it's some warped April Fool's joke. Too funny.

All this all unfolded a few weeks ago, process was delayed a bit due to my stoooopidity (it's eternal) so I had to hold out on outing mahself. Linc, thanks fer keepin my secret heh heh. Only Jacob, Peteski, and FRANK knew otherwise. Frank because, thebastid... he's trying to get me to buy his PnP EFI. Things that make ya go hmmmmm 8-).

So yeah, I've bought and sold and bought back my 930 and poor Linc's still waiting on his. SO GREAT to see tho that you're goin there this week. Chris did some really really impressive work, you're going to be ecstatic. We're all on the edge of our seats.

COLESTER! Dewd... I'm 1/2 tempted to jump in my car and head West 'till I hit you just to hear you crack that thing over. Or did I miss it's cherrypop? Please tell me I didn't!

BrianB! Turbopalooza... jahmon! Kinda sorta the reason I reshuffled the fleet... having 2 uber cars is great and all but not when yer slave to just ownin them. Now my mod / event budget's returned. Good stuff.

Tate, good sir! Doodmon, I'm verymuch trying to hit WGVF come Sept... be tits if you'd join us. My client is Duntov Motors (do the Vette Duntov Special repro's) and I'm angling again for crew passes 8-). We'll see, but regardless keep in touch on that thought.

So yeah, at the time my //S8 was on it's last legs and I thought I needed an ultimate daily car - and the 930 was a quick way to do that - figured I'd BTDT w/ the 930 after 4yrs, but definitely suffered some seller's remorse. Don't believe in regret so I just rolled w/ it, until the day that email hit. Weird stuff.

///M5's been a HOOT... great story how I found it, guy 2mi up the road from me I knew from my boy's Cub Scouts had a green one (rare, like 238 imported) and then my dealer bud tells me he scored a green one @ auction when I was looking for a C55. Hmmm I say, has to be the car in town. Yup. Took a few weeks to sort it back to glory, delayed pickup... ended up picking it up literally ON my 40th bday. Go figure? Getting old's never been so good.

Weirdazz sheet, all this. Meant to be I guess. Heh, I just booked a DE @ Lime Rock in a couple weeks to get to know it. Better yet, What's Her Face scored me a Skip Barber Formula day this Thurs... I'm jazzed. Good stuff on all fronts.

Here's crappy pics of the ///M5 since I know many you gamers here dig 'em:

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