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Originally Posted by Maxx1 View Post
Ohhh ! This is good!

Thanks a bunch, I think that will be major help.

I'm wondering too if my fuel pumps are running or not, I don't really hear anything when I turn the key on. Whatever took that fuse out may have toasted power elsewhere. I wonder if there are any fusable links in that harness ... well anyway, this schematic is golden! Thanks again, I'll try and wrench on this later in the week and report.
Maxx, unless someone did a re-wire job, if still stock your pumps won't run unless and until you crank the engine over enough to draw air and deflect the fuel distributor metering arm, which then trips a micro switch and relays to send power to the pumps. A safety feature to prevent the pumps from running if the engine were to after an accident...puking fuel all over hot surfaces and doing the unthinkable.

Those 3 fuses in the engine compartment have nothing to do with the pumps. There is a single fuse up in the luggage compartment that protects both pumps through two separate relays. Check there if in doubt. Your MSD should by all rights have it's own in-line fuse, but perhaps maybe not. It sounds most likely that you don't have any spark. Simple to rule out the pumps, though. Turn on the ignition key and depress the spring loaded mixture adjustment post on the top of the fuel head enough to depress the metering arm, thus mimicking air being drawn down across it. Or, reach to the left behind the fuel head and find the blue colored wiring plug and unplug it. Your pumps will then run without the engine running.

Oh...and one more thing...spend the time to review all the posts in the sticky "my car won't start". That's what it's there for, to point you where to start looking. Meanwhile, we'll collectively give you enough direction to make your head spin :-)
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