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The short version is you have to adjust six little 3mm allen head screws under the six 4mm allen head button head screws on the top of the fuel head just a little bit to increase spring pressure on the top of the flexible diaphram disc valves in the upper chambers to compensate for consistant full system pressure that will be in the lower chambers pushing upwards on the flexible diaphram after removing the frequency valve or just disconnecting the plug on it.

If those allen head spring pressure adjustment screws are not adjusted a little tighter after removing or disconnecting the frequency valve to compensate for full system pressure in the lower chambers then the diaphram with it's 6 metal discs will be pushed higher into the 6 upper chambers partially closing off the 6 small valve like orifices in the top of the upper chambers leading to the injector lines and the fuel head will inject less fuel leaning out the AFR.

Those 3mm allen head screws are the same ones used to adjust fuel flow to the injectors to balance the flow from them equally when you know you have 6 equally flowing good fuel injectors.

If I dug up a bunch of pictures I've saved to show the parts I'm talking about and tried to tell you how they work and told you how to adjust the allen head screws while doing an injector flow test into 6 plastic bottles until the fuel flow to the injectors and AFR's are where you desire I would be giving away part of what CIS Flowtech does to modify these fuel heads on a test bench to flow more fuel when running higher boost with better cams and headers.
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