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mark houghton said: BTW, I machined the adjustment slot on mine intentionally so I could crank it all the way to the order to get 12 degrees advance at idle (that's with the vacuum retard line call that 22 degrees once I get above 1500rpms and the vac retard drops off). Then the mechanical advance takes over from there.

In a "normally" timed car, i.e., 1-2 degrees ATDC idle retard, your dizzy should be somethere mid-point in it's rotation adjustment.
Car runs beter than before. Very good now but.....

While I was playing around with the timing , and other things, trying to figure out my poor performance I noticed by mistake how well the engine ran with more advance than 26 and when the boost came in it was quite a rush! but not knowing what the safe limits are I quickly set it back to stock. So I have a few questions. I know this has been asked a bunch of times and have read this in other posts but wanted to ask in my own way to make sure I get it.

Mark, You said you set the timing at idle to 12 deg. with the vacuum retard hose attached. This is with a stock distributor and vacuum pot? So once the vacuum stops above 1500 RPM you have a timing of 22 deg. because the vacuum retard in the pot releases as there is no longer any vacuum to hold the plate thus a total of 22 deg asuming there is 10 deg of retard in the pot. 12 + 10 = 22 advance. The the counter weights in the dist. take over and add how much more? for a total timing say at 4000 RPM? Must be more than 26 deg right? And you do this with out using WMI like JFairman? Just wondering as I have read other posts like this with ign running more than 26 total timing and are geting good results. I'm starting to understand all of this and want to know just how much safety is built in with a total of X deg. running 93 pump gas w 10% Alcohol I'm going to put my my t vac on the outer port and add .8 bar of pressure to see how much advance is removed with my stock set up. I know this subject has been beat to death but I need to understand what other pelicans are running and not blowing up there engines. More advance is fun!
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