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wow. that thing popped like a fuse! you shorted power to that wire or the coil shorted to make that blow like that. most likely the coil. but no, no problems like that. i opened it and checked for loose/broken parts. also OHMed some stuff out in there.

the tach wire i pulled was the TD wire AT the CD unit itself. the connector has 2 black wires on it. one to the tach and one to the speed relay under the seat, so i presume. the ONLY purpose of my speed relay is as a rev limiter in my car.
when i pulled the wire at the CD, the tach WAS still connected at the round connector just down from the CD connector, so the tach was still connected to the speed relay, but not the CD.
the tach only jumped a few times and has not done it since, but....i have seen it move about 200 RPM when it should not have, but only like twice. so i did check the voltage and it was fine, but i do want to put my meter on record and drive around for a while. record can detect changes in voltage that are too fast to register on the meter.
when i first pulled the TD (tach/speed realy) wire, it ran better for a while. like it did the first time i bypassed the 2 wires to the coil. but who is to say that moving the CD around did not effect a bad connection like what may have happened the first time. but, it did start to run bad again, it jsut took a while.

i might be chasing my tail in that as it warms in time with the WUR it runs bad, and AFR's very lean, i am leaning towards fuel as in the WUR, or messing with the CD and wiring it runs better for a while it may be electrical.

going to get the LM, fuel gages and spare CD on friday, so other than checking my alt voltage, i am at a lose as far as WHAT to do.
oh, and now i have the tach disconnected at the round connector but have the speed relay connected back up at the CD unit. i have not seen the tach move since the one time it did the big jumps.
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