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Hi Brandon,
I am starting down the same road. Previously i was just adjusting the WUR based on AFR. I could not lean it off greater than 10.6. My Warm cruise was 14.7 and idle was 13.7The boost enrichment was banged nearly all the way in.
Since the car has been off the road i decided to set the wur up to the manual specs but on the leaner side.
Currently i now have the following pressures after adjustment.
WARM UP 56 / 3.9 /
BOOST ENRICH 44 / 3 / 0.8 BAR
THRESHOLD 6 / 0.4 /

What i did notice was what a huge affect the Boost threshold adjustment had. My threshold cut in at 3psi (0.2 bar)which per Brians' manual is too early. I adjusted the threshold until my fuel pressures reduced starting at 6psi.(0.4bar) Whilst adjusting threshold i noticed the the enrichment pressure was increasing which would give a leaner AFR when running. i now have the above fuel pressures which is now as per the manual spec but on the leaner side. When does your boost threshold start? ( I had to wind the 3 set screws quite a way in to change the threshold to a higher pressure.)
I have started the car and warm idle is now 13.4 AFR ( Air pump disconnected).
The car is booked in for its yearly inspection on Thursday so will not be able to drive until then as there is no road tax on the car. I am expecting it to run on the leaner side at cruise , probably mid 15's so expecting fine tuning using the AFR.

i will post my updates when i have driven the car. Perhaps we can use both our experiences to set up our cars.
My car has a 3LDZ Turbo, standard intercooler, K&N air filter, GSF headers and Rarely8 Street muffler running standard boost.

Good luck
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