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Miguel - great work on the Spare!
As it happens I had to put the spare on the C3 a while back and when it was inflated, the walls were cracked. I put it on anyway and stuck to 50 as per the tyre instructions.
Amazingly it stayed up.
Don't want to be trying that out in the middle of nowhere Miguel lol

and Geoff - great work on the bits that make it work!
When I warm the car up I exercise all the switches, knobs, lights etc and did the Cig Lighter a couple of times as well so I know it works.
However, I haven't checked the inflation device. Great advice

Mcguff73- that's great info re actual drive times and fuel consumption.
Looks like the TT brakes will get some use around Vegas dodging people
This trip is getting more adventurous with each post. Awesome!!!

Ben- Caravan sounds awesome. That would be super cool
The goal will be to stay away from traffic.
Apart from visiting the previous owner, who still has a Turbo Cab BTW, we've just
done ten years of marriage so plan on getting married again, this time by
I hit her up for a drive thru one in the Pcar but I hit my limit there.
I'm thinking we do it anyway.
Will keep you posted re my schedule. Currently it's very loose as to when.

Will do re cars n coffee.
Those pics are great.
I'm loving the Rothmans offroader!!!
I showed my wife the pics you posted and when she saw it
she said "ooh what's that?"
Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's code for "Buy One now!"

It's one of my goals in life to at least drive one in it's natural habitat.
My brother and I used to Rally Bash / Hill Climb Mum's Mitsubishi Colt (1.2l FWD
4 dr hatch) up a sand track near home when we we're kids.
My brother went without me one day (what the!?!?) and delivered the car back
home with a broken rear axle. He Didn't tell her so when she went to drive off, it
wouldn't move. When queried, he said "it must have been stolen and they
returned it that way" Lol.
Now, Mum's pretty naive but even that was a bit much for her.
Dad was all over him like a rash.

I digress...

The car needs new tyres as it is, due to age.
I'll get the spare done at the same time.
I'm 90% sure they are P Zero's right now. See pic below
It'll be a road trip car for a while
The next road trip is to do the Cali coastal drive up to San Fran. and back
Probably next year
Any advice there re replacements for road trip travelling seeing as I could put anything on???
I zoomed in on the tyre but can only see the size

Keep it coming folks
Much appreciated.
The title of the List is "Vegas Road Trip Gotcha's" which I'll post for interest on completion.
Mick H

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