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Lincoln, it wasn't intended as a stern admonishing at all, just a statement of fact- that's how TV shows get put together. We'd love to have you come to Wisconsin and throw down against the rednecks in our Faceoff event once your car is ready.

aschen, our Faceoff event is a whole different format than the redneck TV show, although several of the same drivers and cars compete. We've been asked to lower the minimum treadwear to 180 and lower before, but frankly, I'm not sure that would make any difference. We knew when a built (original owner) 427 Cobra showed up with a ringer driver and pretty much dominated on DOT slicks, that could have put him into a guardrail on a wet road, that we needed to make some changes to keep the event closer to the “Street Car” name. In an honest moment, the tire manufacturers will admit the treadwear grade number is really up to their discretion.

Rumors have been floating around that some manufacturers have intentionally designated 200 or higher treadwear ratings on tires that really aren't anywhere near that, just for eligibility in these events. For that reason, we keep a very close eye on the tires that show up at our events. We'd prefer not to go in the direction of OLOA on tire rules, but if tire manufacturers start producing tires close to DOT slicks with 200 treadwear numbers on the sidewalls, we probably won't have a choice.

I like the redneck show, but I take it for what it is- entertainment. The off-track stuff is meant to be funny, but all of the on-track racing is legit. If mayhem seems to show up at just the right time, then it's probably due to good editing, rather than prompting from a producer to do something dramatic on the track. While the rednecks (celebrity rednecks excluded) all have a lot of track time under their belts, I don't think the majority of it has come in wheel to wheel environments. One of the Firebirds used on the show is owned by a Canadian and several of the other cars are personally owned by the rednecks. They didn't want to ding any of them up, but at the same time, they also wanted to win the race and had limited opportunities in the format of those races to make that happen. That probably led to some of the guys pushing the envelope a little too far in some instances, which made for good TV, even if it didn't have the intended outcome for the driver.

I don't know much about the challenger cars, but if you'd like more technical highlights on the redneck cars, virtually all of them have been well-documented in a variety of magazines.

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