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Originally Posted by cliyde View Post
SRT8 challenged today!

Stop Light #1 - pulled up next to the 8 in a double left turn lane. SRT8 blips the throttle and I immediately noticed it was far from stock. (sounded mean) - Light turns green and I gingerly take off, rounding the curve much easier in my 2700lb car, getting out ahead of him quickly. Hitting the straights I see (and HEAR) him juice it in the rear view, but we immediately caught the next light...

StopLight #2 - He pulls up beside and rolls window down...

SRT8: "Hey, nice car! Let's do this!!!!, he smiles..."
ME: I smile back, "It's not much of a drag car..."
SRT8: "That's ok... so, what year is that?"
ME: "It's an '84..."
SRT8:"Cool, is it a TURBO?!?"
ME: Smile, "Well... Maybe...?" - Light turns green at that moment, we both punched it! First gear goes by in a split second... now into second with wastegate openend and in full tilt. No mistaking N/A for turbo now! I look back and see the SRT8 about 2.5 car lenghts behind... WOOO WHOOO!!!

Braking hard, I let him fly by... we both gave thumbs up and each had a good laugh. Surprised me how quick I got away!
love that story - man, ^that^ is how it is "supposed" to WORK!

too funny

Ideally, that's what happens. Realistically, it's varying combinations / degrees of all the experiences shared thus far.

I'll say tho, these things ellicit more friggin stop light convos from allllll walks allllll sorts of folks... and no matter what they drive. Most simply dig it / wanna see hear it. I know I would. Do get the occassional @$$hat who just cuts in front of me b/c "he won"... I don't even fight those anymore, just fade back and ease off and ignore. Not worth it.

Don't mind a hike of the skirt tho for those deserving 8-).

I do get a good number of bikes trying to play, and have dispatched with a fair percentage.

Juvenille yes. But who's arguing?
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