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Good directions thx,
Some of my confusion is re adding an intercooler, i did enquire at a Porsche place about adding one to help reduce lag,
he said,

QUOTE; if you add an intercooler it will only increase lag as there is a larger volume of air travelling through it, there's not much you can do to reduce lag; ENDQUOTE, wtf?

So this is NOT true?? This is why i needed to ask here directly and i appreciate it,

The Headers sound good to me ill ring up muffler shop today and see what they can do as i do have some holes in the muffler anyway from low driveways scraping,

Internal engine work will have to be on the cards in future too as i dont know whats inside etc,
but i have prev owned a 76 Euro carrera 3, which was very light with similar performance figures (on paper) but it would never hold a candle to acceleration this car has, i have a suspicion theres been work done as the whole area between where you sit and the stuff up front is made of PLYWOOD !, or is this normal?

So i think with all changes anyway it would be cheaper to modify it how i like rather than taking it back to factory as some turkey put a cab roof on it anyway and 11k to fix that is not my idea on money well spent as i dont see the outside of the car when im driving anyway...

But INTERCOOLER, ??? can i put a 3.3 intercooler on it? remember its a 3.0, is it as simple as that?

When i bought it about two months ago i saw her and thought yep for the price im gonna restore it to factory original and make $$$$ profit (i paid $24k) but now well.. i just want more POWER, im addicted..

Good or bad who cares but when driving porkers i think many may agree there's not many things in life that feel as good
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