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Momentum. Once it's gone it's very hard to get back.

"the little things". The single biggest cost in my project has not been the turbo or the stand alone ECU it's been AN fittings. Lots of them.All the little things add up.

Be realistic. Sure I would like 600rwhp but I my real goal is mid 200's anymore than that is a bonus. My plan was a car that drives like a N/A car with a little more shove.
Get it up and running as quick as you can then worry about mods to make it faster or look better. Once you can turn the key everything after that is easy.

Don't get sidetracked with other mods to the car at the same time. It's easier to boil a pot of water than the ocean. I've got a very nice set of wheels that I've also been restoring at the same time as adding boost to my car but I only ever work on them if I can't do anything to the car.

You have to be relentless. Do the jobs you don't feel like doing. You will feel better that you did after you pack the spanners up.

Have a clean work area. Everything will happen faster if you are not looking for stuff.

Run a tight ship. A jobs not done until the tools are packed up and any mess is cleaned up.

Plan your work. I set jobs up to do them before hand. Then when I only have a spare hour to work on the car I can just do that job not waste 45 minutes getting stuff ready. Think about what you need to do and then as your walking past the car just sit the socket set next to where you are going to work and keep going with the other thing you are doing. Next time you walk past put the part next to the socket set etc. Trust me this works.

Have one place you keep all your parts. Nothing worse than going to do a job and you cant find the new part you got for it.

Tell your wife or partner that you are going to work on the car next Thursday night. That way when it rolls around she won't be upset because she had other plans or if she is you can at least say hey I told you last Saturday.

Write a list of jobs to do. Then as you do them check them off. This is great for motivation if you start to feel like its all too much. But make sure you don't overwhelm yourself with the list. Write down the next 5 things you need to get done. Then do them. Chip away and like I said before be relentless.

Take some photographs as you go. Then you can see how far you have come.

My number one reason people fail on all projects. Outsourcing work. You have to remember others may not have the same passion you have. To them it's another job. Once the relationship or trust is lost with another party working on your baby you can never get it back. Every automotive project I've ever done (and there has been a hell of a lot of them) has had an element of this. In my 3ltr+boost project it was the guy doing the loom for the ECU. Great guy and great work but he took forever to get the job done and I missed my start goal date because of it.

Paying for services. I never ever ever pay for a service before it's been done. Ever. If they ask for a deposit as a sign of good faith tell them you brought your car to them as a sign of good faith.

If anyone asks how soon do you need it done. Tell them yesterday would be good with a smile. Never say no rush just when you can fit it in.
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