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Originally Posted by Raceboy View Post
Tilikum Turbo's statesments are sort diffcult to understand to say politely. Where are you born, on Earth? I'm asking this because you ought to know that engineers don't build cars alone, beancounters have the final word and that is even in Porsche.

Your statements about tested parts, sum of the whole etc may apply to NEW Porsches to some extent but how on earth you could convince a person with a slight clue of engines that CIS injected 930 is better platvorm than EFI 3.2 Carrera with programmable ECU?

And with this is mind I would like to make a suggestion to correct the 1st point of the list: standalone ECU is pretty much the first item one needs to buy if one thinks about boosting a 3.2 or SC. You can make the car run quite fast and relaible with stock headers but with poor tuning one cannot expect it to live more than few hundred miles at worst.
And number one reason for turbocharging projects to fail (mechanically) is poor tuning. That applies to all cars not just Porsches.
Yes, I was born on Earth(chuckling after hearing that, and am familiar with the what is required to bring a product to market from concept to prototype/marketing/funding/R&D.

If you looking to only make horsepower and torque, then by all means, I am sure an ECU modded 3.2 with turbo may shatter any 3.3L with CIS.

But how would a true 3.3L do with that same programable ECU compare to a 3.2L(which was not designed for forced induction, whereas the 3.3L has it all sorted out FROM the factory)
If I have a stock-block Chevy V-8 and build it to this truly a ZR1 motor? Is it as reliable...or flexible in all driving conditions. I understand components of the 930 are extremely expensive compared to the 3.0 and 3.2, but there was a reason why the 930 cost back in the day way more than a standard 911, and that money did not go into a fancier Porsche badge in front. They had to make everything work together AND make it marketable to the world in terms of emissions/safety/drivability/longevity, not just numbers on a dyno.

I can't say everyone who has a turbo drives it every day, most do not. I do not drive my car on a race track, but drive it everyday in Los Angeles traffic, virtually 365 days a year. For me, that 3.3L gives me the flexibility and reliability I would not otherwise have with a modded 3.0 or 3.2(nevermind not being able to pass a smog check).

Someone else chimed in about evidence of issues of people having problems with failed turbo projects with the 3.0 and 3.2. Is that not already self-evident here?
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