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OK, I got a few hours to put the 87 930 pedal cluster back in the car. You do need to be a bit of a contortionist to work on this project but doable. I will post a few more pictures because I use these treads a lot and find it helpful when I can see a pictures of things as they go. The other reason is if I screwed something up along the way, you guys much more experienced than I can point it out before too much damage is done. Thank you very much for the help guys.

Peddle cluster went in pretty smoothly. Throttle cable went on fine and the little keeper pin went into place easily. Have a magnet handy for when you drop the darn thing. The plastic sheath on my clutch cable was torn so I went ahead and sprung for a new clutch cable from the dealer, $214 without the PCA discount. Thatís like double what I see them on line for but on this one I went OEM. That said I would like to know if there have been any issues with aftermarket/non dealer cables.

I almost screwed up on the bushing at the trunnion pin. When I pulled the cable off at the begging of the project, apparently the bushing feel out and into the well. I had the small bushing in the kit but thought it was extra, as they do with these kits sometimes, Wrong! Fortunately I found it laying in the well and put it in place at the trunnion pin connector, heck Iím not even sure it was installed to begin with as this was rebuilt at some point by a previous owner. A warning note there, assembly exactly as it came off the car is not always how it should be. Like the reason for this project, a nut and bolt was inserted in place of a tempered steel pin. Anyway I took the advice and made sure the cable was snug up to the bowden tube (small tube sticking out of the firewall). Used a mirror to look into the tunnel to make sure I was not wrapped around anything. Picture attached shows the cables coming into the tunnel. Wife had a makeup compact mirror that worked well for this.  I screwed the trunnion connector onto the cable to the same depth as the one I took off. Big mistake, I had to go back later and back that off twice to get enough slack to be able to adjust the clutch. A few turns on that connector goes a long ways when it comes to a 1.0 mm gap at the trans.

Found a youtube video with a how to adjust the clutch similar to how the factory did it. I will say most 1987 911 trans stuff even those titled 930, use the G50 transmission. The 1987 Turbo still had the 4 speed trans and did not jump to the G50 until 89 I believe.

Cable adjustment;
Peddle cluster all installed and cable connected at the cluster. Cable inserted into slot on the bottom of the trans but the cable off at the clutch linkage, adjust the gap to 1.2mm by loosening the lock nut and turning the bolt. Once set, tighten the lock nut while making sure the bolt does not move. Now hook the cable onto the clutch linkage. Next adjustment is on the cable where it bolts to the trans. Turn the nut on the cable until the gap is snug and back off till 1.0mm gap gauge can slide with slight drag. Tighten The cable trans nuts and bingo! Test and put everything back together. *Now this was after I found I had threaded too much of the cable into the trunnion connector. The effect this had was that the gap was too tight and I had already adjusted the cable nuts, all the way out. A quarter inch or so at the trunnion gave me the slack I need to make the adjustment on the cable at the trans and gave me my 1.0mm gap at the linkage. Test drive went fine. I have a bit of clutch chatter, first and reverse but that was there before this happened. Will be looking into that to see what the deal is. My old VW beetle days I would say it was a throughout bearing but no clue on this thing. Yet another project

I had both wooden floor boards out and the console loose and shifted out of the way. All went back ok. I did find a fuse on my passenger foot well blower that was blown, so look around while you are under there. That another project to find out why I have hot air blowing through those vents, even though everything is off.

These are my experience as a newbie so I highly recommend you read other threads and take what you need from each and the advice from the experts. Now depending on the comments I receive on this next question, you may want disregard everything I just wrote.

Now this goes out to the experts, did I screw anything up that I didnít catch yet?

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