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Second is the problem of if you run it back to the sump with the current pump will you build pressure in the case. Like you said it well vent to the top of the case but its not at all want.

You could use a VDO/5R inline pump that won't suffer from the same cavitation in the line as the pump we use but I think you will still see some air in the line at idle.

I am thinking I might do something like this...
Turbo>6AN line with a T peice next to tank>One fitting running to high mounted breather>One fitting running to tank>Tank drain to 12v return pump>Main tank.

I have been doing a lot of reading of threads on oil return and don't have practical experience yet. So I have some naive questions:

1) the talk about building pressure in the case when using electric pump to "sump" -- Are we talking about the line running to the engine sump, or back to the oil tank? If it's the engine sump, are you thinking the pressure in the engine crankcase will drive oil backwards? Or are you thinking the pressure will be too great in the case, introducing bubbles in the oil? I'm not clear about the problem.

2) I worry about the pumps getting dry periods where there's not enough oil running through them, which is never good for pumps that use wet gears. I have no idea how much oil runs thru the turbo bearings, but it seems like there would be many times when it would not be very much. When you do your line checks, is there steady oil being pumped out, or is it a trickle?

3) I read on another thread about hydrostatic lock occurring in someone's set-up when the T was placed after the oil catch can (I think it was on a link from 2008, mentioned by someone yesterday). I think the principle was that if the air line shares the same line with the oil line, then the oil flow can block the free flow of air out of the can, so it doesn't breathe. Then there is back pressure on the turbo and seals burst and oil spewed out the exhaust. Would this be a similar concern with the setup you're proposing using a "T"?
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