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The metal pipe connected to the top of the WG should go to atmosphere (unplugged, left open) if not connected up to the 'dial of death' boost controller as Jim described. The metal pipe connected to the bottom of the WG should be connected to a rubber hose that leads to a boost air your case to the intake manifold somewhere since you don't have an intercooler. The 'round thing' you have circled in the picture is part of the air injection system to the exhaust manifold for emissions purposes...although I'm not sure that Euro's had that emissions crap on them, unless it was added when the car was brought to the states. Plug off the broken end.

If you're truly hitting 1.5 bar the car should go like a raped ape, but your description says it's not any stronger than it was at .6 bar. Perhaps your gauge is faulty and you're actually seeing less than full boost, but no logic to why that would suddenly appear with a muffler swap. Hmmm....

If you really are getting 1.5 bar then the WG is suspect (either it's connections or the WG itself is stuck closed). And if you truly are getting 1.5 bar then you have no air leaks (couldn't even hope to build that much pressure if a serious air leak were present downstream from the compressor). And if you truly are getting 1.5 bar but the power is doggy, then you need to start looking for reasons causing loss of power.

First things first....make sure the WG is working. Check the hose routing, and if all is well, then pull off the WG and bench test it by putting around 18 to 20 psi to the bottom line and watch for the valve to open (note: it will take more than .8 bar - around 13 psi - for the WG to open on the bench).
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