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wonky WB02

anyone experience an oddly behaving Bosch WB sensor?

I purchased a new one w/ my VEMS gauge years ago, and sometimes I get great readings

other times it locks up on boost @ 13.5

it's always 13.5, never anything else

I swapped in a used sensor and experienced the same unfort - this was quite a while ago (long story - remember I bought my car back after 18mo hiatus) so my recollection may be a bit fuzzy - but I'm still getting the odd behavior regardless

also, when the car is started, the gauge defaults to 21.8 and stays there for a good 5min before it starts trickling down and giving me a reading

no change in the car's running condition ever so doubting I've got some intermittent running issue - runs tits! I'm 14.7 @ 1025 idle (sometimes 15.0 @ 1100 when hot), low 14's cruise, high 13s decel, 11.2 on WOT boost until 5k then 12.4-12.5 or so to 6k, then 13.0 (BLWUR/headers/IC/Rarly), and most importantly I get flames when I lift

which leads me to another query... MPG

I see Brian and others reference 15mpg and higher... I ave a consistent (dead nuts consistent) 12.0. Granted... I drive - er - Just Not Right. But, that's sometimes.

Other times I'm coasting, or lugging in 4th @ 1200 and just letting the idle troll it along. So most tanks are a 50/50 mix of babying it and WOT 5500 shifts and many miles of 120-130 blasts.

any insight appreciated, it's rather annoying - both the WB02 wonkiness and the abyssmal MPG
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