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what you find in a 912 registry will have little to no baring on your 1980 plus 911's .
the 912 is a karmann built car there for the paint code used with the numbers after it are not used by porsche built cars . they do not mean the same things .
yes the 9 in the code is in fact a stock order color from porsche were a 99 , 999 or 9999 will stand for a special order color .
the 2nd number for karmann is the paint they did ni fact use as it was only the porsche factory them selfs that had a comtract with BASF to only use there coating . so CO's like karmann could use other coating as they at that time did not fall under the porsche factory contract that they had with BASF but later on did so as porsche's contract with basf wqas writen as all porsche's had to use BASF for there coatings . that is also way you will also see on the early porsche's with a L, G or H on there paint codes to tell you what paint CO they used . in 1978 all that info changed and by 1980 the porsche CO AG only had to use BASF .

your 1983 is not 99 COLOR it is a factory stock color for that year . 817 burgunderrot 1982 to 1983 .
it was not a popular color so they did not list it in the color books for the two years as the cost to do so would not be worth doing . there are a total or 4 colors not listed in the year of 1983 that were in fact stock 9 colors they are two greens and a gold color also .
you will also find colors that are not used for every country not listed many times . a color that is sold in say the USA may not be offered in the say UK for that year so it too will not be listed in the color book for that year . again it comes down to cost to do the books at that time the color chips you were looking at were real paint chips unlike today they are creapper inks that are used making it easier and cheaper to print books for every country .

so Fritz did not go out and have to many drinks at lunch as there were two women that did the color documentation ( leah and or heidi ) .

you will not find a paint code listed in the BASF color formulas any more with the new 22 line paint system . BASF dropped many color formulas that were not used or were very low production colors because of cost to cross over the tints to the 22 line system . it is listed in the old 21 line system but is useless becuase some of the old tints do not cross over to the newer paint line .

there was a time when you could call the porsche parts DEPT and give them your vin number and they would give you the color info of your car but they stopped that some years ago because of to many calls with people just looking for color info with no sales . so now you can't even do that by calling porsche AG them selfs . the only way you can get color info is from people that have the factory books and microfiche like my self .
and that too is just to much when i get people calling me and sending emails about 8 times a day asking me for color info so i had to put a end to it also .

there are many that say they have 99 colors on there cars when in fact they don't just by checking there VIN numbers . all 99 colors have the VIN listed with the said colors right in the porsche books and microfiche . i owned a 911 that the new owner was trying to sell the car years later by saying they forgot to punch a extra 9 on the color tag as a 99 color when all we did is spray a pearl color over the OE white . i have also seen were some car owners will buy a new color plate and stamp a 99 color into it just to say they have a 99 color coded car trying to BS people .
it's used to be very ez to find out but now with porsche not giving out color info it's become a little harder .

you could see the tags punched different ways . some times you will see a 99 , 999 or 9999 were the paint code should be other times you will see a color code with a 99 after it .
on my 968 6 speed coupe i have a L999-99-0 for a paint color code the only way you know it's a OE paint in golfblau is from the vin . there are only 3 968's paint in the golfblau from porsche but i have found other people stating they too have golfblau 968's . one person as at a porsche show stating it so i took his vin numvber and found he was BSing about it as his cars color from porsche was in fact a gray met color .
things some people will do to try and make there car worth more .
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