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Originally Posted by JFairman View Post
There is a replacable bearing in the center of the flywheel the end of the transmission input shaft slides into. It's called the pilot bearing. Most people replace it and the clutch throwout bearing when servicing the clutch.

If there's a problem with it you would most likely hear a grinding noise from it while idleing when parked with the transmission in gear and the clutch pedal pushed in.

Does this car have the origonal rubber center clutch disc? Thats another awful design in these cars. The rubber dries out and cracks and pieces of rubber fly off and then the clutch disc is out of balance if it still works at all.
Thats probably not the problem but you should always replace the clutch disc with a spring center disc that also cost less than the rubber one.

Also, do the rear axles and everything else stay centered when the car is up on jackstands or a lift while the engine is running in gear while the rear wheels are spinning? If not they or something is probably bent.

Are all cylinders pretty much equal in compression and leakdown so they are putting out equal power? If not that can cause some vibration when accelerating.
This is very helpful!
The car doesn't have the original rubber center clutch disc. all is new.
engine is running fine, I'm shore about that.

I wil lift the car to check on that one!
But I think this would not be the problem because then it would happen when I accelerate very slow to high rpm. that's not the case.

They put in a later model clutch kid and adapter.
Where I'm thinking of is, maybe the pilot bearing inner center is to big for the shaft... Would this be possible? or maybe the did not use the pilot bearing at all!
they did a lot of stupid things with my lovely car! I would not be surprised about that!

Thanks for your input all of you.

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