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Originally Posted by Robbbyg View Post
if so what were the gains in driveability
It'll lower inlet charge temperatures significantly.

Temperature comparison figures between stock, Garrettson, Ruf and Kokelyn intercoolers are published here intercooler.

According to that, the factory intercooler will reduce a 220 inlet charge temperature by 70 degrees.

Compressing a gas heats it up; remember bicycle pumps getting hot? And so does passing it through a metal assembly that's exposed to exhaust gases and glowing red hot at the cast iron side..

The cooler the charge, the denser it is. The denser the charge, the more power the motor makes. Exactly why 930's drive so freakin' awesome in the winter when there's ice on the road...

Cooler intake charge means the motor has more margin of safety.

Think a good intercooler is generally figured as being worth 20HP or so over a stock intercooler.

If it has any effect on driveabilty other than adding power, it'll be as a consequence of adding volume/pressure drop to the intake path between the throttle plate and the compressor. You might be able to measure it, but I really don't think you'd notice.

Originally Posted by Robbbyg View Post
finding a different fitting pipe and some mounting bits?
Not if the throttle body is at a different angle; you'll have to address that as well. Either use a matched throttle body/intercooler combination, modify the intercooler, or some other way.

Originally Posted by Robbbyg View Post
there are some holes looks like maybe at factory they were getting ready for the new model ? my car is one of the last 77's built #644 are those holes mounting holes for an IC curious?
Nope. They are for the air (smog) pump diverter valve - according to JFairman in the other thread. (Heh. I idly wondered what those were for on my Kokelyn adapter more than once)...

Originally Posted by Robbbyg View Post
Thanks for link. i had a look but it pertains to Powerhaus and a modified Garrettson IC,
Take another look. The Garrettson was actually built as a bolt-on for your exact application - a 3.0 early. The added valve is neither here nor there.

See the different angle on the Garrettson intercooler outlet (throttle body pipe) as compared to the Powerhaus (for a 3.3)? That's to match the different throttle body on your car.

The Powerhaus is a short-neck (retaining the factory recirculation valve assembly) intercooler bolt-on to a 3.3 in place of the stock intercooler.
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