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thanks fer startin mah day off w/ a laff!

Great you can laugh @ yerself like that, so important.

Fretnot, noob owner! Upon doing such mesself (tho not the 1st day, maybe the 1st week of ownership), consolation was found in about 100replies of "yeah happened to me too" - as well as like Chris said - "yeah, I found a few in my tank when I retrieved".

I think it's a Rite of Passage to owning one of these?

I'm impressed you fished it out?! You too Chris. Secret? I see wire / paperclip, but how'd you actually manage to snag it? I debated removing my tank @ that next oil change and quickly scuttled the thought upon seeing what seemed to be involved (many hard to reach screws along the tightly jam packed inner fender). Alas, mine still lurks within the depths of my tank 7yrs later, and my bud fab'd me up a new one (whattapal).

My gauge doesn't come off bottom - seemed to work for the week prior to the donation? Forget. Always wondered if the stick is jamming the sender? Or sender coincidentally failed? I've never really cared, don't trust gauges regardless.


I'd not stress being down a quart or 3 on a 13qt system, unless you're on the track and even then a quart isn't going to be a huge concern. I tend to favor a tad underfilled than risk overage. Bottom of the stick works for me.

Besides idling not bringing it up to temp, I never (ever) cold start it (esp!) and let it sit and run as it loads it up w/ fuel. Being a fellow jalopy owner/lover tho I'm sure you know this.

Slight hesitation in 4th could be a tad lean, and/or your advance isn't enough. Just some thoughts. Still have a cat? If not, richen by smell / sound in lieu of an AFR gauge with the allen post atop the fuel meter - right=richen, push town and turn in 1/8 turn increments, turn and back off a c-hair to set.

I'd also prob run some Techron thru the tank and give 'er some good WOT time... who knows what PO's habits were - Eyetalian Tuneups FTW!

Good lookin garage... 6er ride height seems better @ that angle.

ps. lol @ nonabsorbent 'rags'! WTF's w/ that lately... huge trend to synthetics... which... just smear things ala Buzz Lightyear (to infinity & beyond). Awesome.

pps. howbout a name in yer sig so we don't have to call you Mr.16volt?
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