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Originally Posted by RarlyL8 View Post
I hate to poop in your punchbowl but a 3.3L intercooler will not fit a 3.0L throttlebody.
To do this correctly you'll need a 3.3L intake manifold and BOV. You will also need to modify the 3.3L up-pipe if you have a stock 3LDZ as they are different on the 3.3L engine. It's not as easy as you would think due to all the small differneces adding up.
If I were doing this I would build a custom intercooler and retain everything 3.0L.
Wish i could, but just to get the ic put me on a diet of bread and water, ive got to somehow make this work, ive been offered a 3.3 intake manifold so i might go to just water for a week and buy that and take it from there,

not sure on turbo type it looks pretty new , ive got a reciept from prev owner it states in the list of work done and parts added

Quote: /Reconditioned Turbo installed /Endquote"
price for this was $1600, And reading that sounds pretty slack to me if someone pays $1600 for a part youd think at least the shop would say what type it was? pfft.

But admittely it was in a list of this particular reciept totalling $16k so they were probably excited with all that money coming in from the work and missed out on details,

I did post a couple of pics of the turbo in a recent thread enquiring on type, jury was out as one pelican mentioned that more pics of serial numbers are needed etc,

Its back in the car now and my back wont handle taking it out again with that awkward twisted turbo pipe.

But thx for heads up and advice, but i think some have made it work (but perhaps not optimal) but still a solution.? I understand that your looking at it in a engineer type of view, but thats costly for me

For a working but not perfect solution i could use a 3 ply silicone hose from the ic straight to the throttle body, and also silicone hose with reducer from ic back down to turbo?, do you believe that will work? or not? I realise not optimal its def not perfect but a couple of flexible hoses bit of shoving and swearing so the biggest prob will be the bov, heck i dont even know where it is but ill find that and try to put it on new setup somehow or make one,

Great Tip to remove rust from inside petrol tank

Get a few bottles of Apple cider Vinegar and vinegar put it in and shake for 3 or 4 minutes let t sit for a bit then shake again then mt, repeat again and mt, just two rinses and all rust is gone from inside of tank ,

Next is what i did but i cant recommend it as it is not tested as i havent put fuel pump etc back in yet,
I Sprayed inside of tank with WD40, i thought about it it its a rust stopper and also lubricant and also helps start wet engines so i gave it a shot for future proofing against rust, we'll see

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