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When this happened to me, I researched the hell out of it on this forum and the 911 forums. The only thing I came up with was the "shake and rattle" of the hood. Once I was lucky enough to get it opened, it turned out that the spring loaded post that inserts and locks down into the latching mechanism was slightly bent, causing it to hang up to one side and not "pop" up under the spring tension as it should. When you eventually get her open, take off the post/spring assembly and make sure it's true/straight, then re-install with minimal tension (which means it will unlatch, but the lid won't automatically pop up free of the catch - it then becomes a two handed operation to pull the release lever while pulling up on the lid). Then in gradual steps, increase the tension on the spring by screwing the post in further, then re-test until the lid pops up and clears the latching mechanism. Tighten her down enough to get clean fitment lines between the hood and the fenders. Go too far and there will be too much spring tension to release at all and you'll be back to square one. Hard to explain, but once you've got her open and can reconnoiter the situation, you'll understand.

Broken release cables would be the worst situation....sticking cables and/or latches might be addressed with lubrication if a person could find a way to get some WD40 in there. Here's a thought: take a Dremel with cut-off wheel and cut the guide tube under the fender well, or just drill a small hole in it (but not through to the cable!!!), just enough to open it up to insert the WD40 nozzle and squirt the piss outa it.

Going down through the "bird guard" (love that description) might be worth a try as mentioned.
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